Arpico, the leader in litter solutions welcomes you to its website. We manufacture various type of outdoor garbage bins wich is heavy duty and UV stabilized.

We have bins to suit all areas, from parks to playgrounds and city centers to country lanes...

Recognized throughout the industry as Sri Lanka's Toughest Outdoor Bins, Arpico bins are produced using a original, stress-free molding technology known as Rotational Molding. This manufacturing process results in bins that are stronger and more durable than injection molded bins. Arpico bins typically have a 5-8 year service life versus 1-2 years or less for injection molded bins. Exceptionally long service life makes Arpico Garbage Bins an exceptional value.

Rotational Molding Advantages

  Single-piece product design

  Consistent wall thickness

  Stress-free, zero-pressure process, unlike injection molded bins

  Superior strength and durability

  Design flexibility, including aesthetic and structural designs

  UV stable, unlike injection molded bins

  Corrosion- and chemical-resistant products

  Ability to mold in graphics

Garbage Bin

Height - 1040 mm
Width - 495 mm

Swing Lid Garbage Bin

Height - 915 mm
Width - 500 mm

Garbage Bin

Height - 740 mm
Width - 500 mm

Wheel Bin

Height - 910 mm
Width - 640 mm

Swing Lid Garbage Bin

Height - 985 mm
Width - 500 mm

Swing Lid Garbage Bin

Height - 1080 mm
Width - 855 mm


  Impact & crack resistant and resilient

  High rigidity

  Light weight

  Resistant to any weather condition

  Completely recyclable

Colour Range

Garbage Bins come in the shown colours which are internationaly accepted for disposal of garbage.

Garbage Bin

Height - 565 mm
Diameter - 390 mm

Milk Can

Height - 565 mm
Diameter - 390 mm

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