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Water Tank Specifications

The Plastishells Tank

The Plastishells Tank Redefined to include an inner screw lid, this tank ensures the prevention of any insects and germs getting inside the tank. Identifying this need, Arpico has also strengthened the neck area of the tank, in order to give the neccessary stability, making this tank more durable. By using only FDA certified material, the tank also focuses on the health platform; securing the health and hygiene of all our customers.

Super Star

3 layer water tank

The Triple Layer Tank

This unique tank is a feature-driven product. The three specific layers have its own functions to provide the best quality water storage. Arpico is the only tank manufacturer that markets a triple layer tank with the below mentioned value additions.

Outer Layer

The outer layer protects the tank from UV rays of the sun.

Middle Layer

The middle layer reduces water heating.

Inner Layer

The inner layer is blue in colour, enabling the user to see the water clarity at all times.


Scientifically Designed

A new revolution in water tanks, Aqua Tough water tank from Arpico is technologically advanced and made to international standards using 100% food graded raw material. The uniqueness of this tank is its height and the ribs. The higher the tank, the greater the water pressure. Changing the look of this tank in recent times, it is also ribbed to provide extra strength and raggedness.

Smaller in Diameter - Less Space

Aqua Tough tanks require less space, therefore helps you save on the cost of slab construction and installation.

Greater in Height - Maximum Water Pressure

Beacuse of the unique height of the Aqua Tough tank, you are guaranteed maximum water pressure.

Inner Layer

The six outer ridges give more strength, stability & endurance to the Aqua Tough tank.


For an Uninterrupted Water Supply

A super solution to ensure 24 hours water supply through the special Arpico Sump Tank.
Reinforced with 16 ridges for add structural strength.
Produced using 100% food grade raw material.
Easy installation and saves cost.

Water Tank Specifications

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